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Looking to save money on your motorbike insurance?

Compare quotes from 25+ UK insurance providers and see how much you could save. You could pay less than £207* by comparing deals from many insurers in one go.


You shop around to save money on your food/grocery shop so it should be no different when it comes to taking out a new bike insurance policy.

Why Should I Compare Motorbike Insurance Quotes?

Getting quotes for new insurance policies used to be a time-consuming process where you would contact a number of known providers and get them to give you a quote based on your individual needs. 


Whilst the process worked – there is a chance many people missed out on the best deals because they did not get quotes from other insurers to find the one that was best for them.


When you compare prices from a larger number of insurers you can be more confident that the price you are paying is the best available at that time and help to save yourself a few pounds at a time when money if tight for many families across the UK.


With there being so many insurers to choose from in the UK at the moment it is very time-consuming to go to them all directly to get a quote, so the best option is often to use a comparison engine where you can fill out a single form and get a quote from 25+ insurers in one go.


This is why we have partnered with to help you save money on your insurance allowing you to see if you can get a better deal.

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*51% of consumers who received a quote for their Motorbike Insurance through this service

provided by Seopa Ltd. in January 2023 were quoted less than £206.69. The price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

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